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Hello Readers!

This page is full of stuff just for you! Check it out for a Q&A, some fun games, pictures from when I was young, and more!

Find the Birds!

Marshmallow and S'more, the parakeets, have hidden

             all over my website!

                 Can you find all

                    the places they


      Hint: They appear at least once on every page!

Riddle Me This...

Can you solve these riddles? Try them out, then check the answers at the bottom of the page!

Riddle #1: I am round like the sun, but rarely work alone. I am flat as a pancake, but tasty as the trash. I have teeth, but no mouth. What am I?

Riddle #2: What is in the center of gravity?

Riddle #3: Give it food and it will live. Give it water and it will die. What is it?

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For Readers!


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Q & A with Michelle!

Here's a little about me as an author!

Q1: How long have you been writing?

All my life! As long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed writing. In elementary school I sat on the playground reading books and writing my own stories. In middle school I wrote stories in the margins of my notes when I was suposed to be doing math. In high school I wrote stories backstage while working as stage crew for the drama club. Writing has always been in my blood!

Q2: How many pets do you have?

A lot. Like a loooooot. Currently I have two dogs, two parakeets, and an African Grey parrot named Winnie.

Q3: What's your writing process like?

That depends on the day! Sometimes when I have a new story idea, I'll take long bike rides to brainstorm the plot. Then I'll stop and write at benches along my bike riding route. Sometimes I write by pacing in circles around my reading room and using dictation software. That's where I can talk to the computer and it writes for me! Sometimes I write outside, and sometimes I write at my desk. The trick is, I have to move around to write. If I can find a way to write while (or in between) movement, it makes it so much easier!

Q4: Can I write stories?

Of course you can! If you have an idea, you can 100% write a story. Anyone can be an author, whether you take classes for writing, or just decide you want to write a book one day. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are: If you have a story to tell, give it a try!

Got more questions? Send them to me through my contact form! Also check back here from time to time as I update my Q&A!

A blue parakeet and a yellow parakeet sitting together

Some Photos

What did Michelle look like when they were a kid? Check it out!


Riddle answers: 1: A gear  2: V  3: Fire

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