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For blurbs, business inquiries, rights questions, etc. please contact Michelle's agent, Emily Forney, at:

A blue aprakeet and a yellow parakeet sitting side by side.
A picture of a stern looking girl with long red hair. She is wearing a blue shirt and black shorts. The picture is done in a digital art style.
For everything else, fill out this form and I'll respond as soon as I can. 💕

Please note, due to writing deadlines, my day job, and other duties, I may be slow to respond. If it is time sensitive and involves me as an author, please contact my agent. 

Thanks for submitting!

A picture of a girl with shouldr length blond hair clenching her fist and glaring across at the other picture. She is wearing a blue hoody and jeans. The art is done in a simplistic digital style.
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