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On this page you'll find a variety of random resources, some related to Michelle's books and some not. If Michelle talks about a resource on their social media at any point, they will usually try to link to it here.

Useful Websites

Here are some websites that Michelle loves. Some are related to their books, while others are just fun!


A website where you can create 3D models for free!

ESA Space Station Walkthrough

Take a virtual tour of the International Space Station!

VEXcode VR

Learn to program robots!

Autism Books By Autistic Authors

A database of books by autistic authors that feature autistic characters.

3D Models

Here are links to 3D models focused around space, robotics, and board games.These models were all made by Michelle Mohrweis using CAD (computer aided design) software, just like how the characters in the book The Problem With Gravity do 3D design for their contest.

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