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Want to meet Michelle or have them visit your school? Check out these options!

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  • The writing process – Michelle discusses their writing process and how they go from starting a book to finishing it, as well as giving tips for edits, revising, etc. They show examples, talk about some of the ways they have adapted their writing to work for them as a neurodivergent writer, and do a Q&A about their writing.


  • Michelle as a writer – Michelle talks about their writing career, showing examples from when they were a kid and sharing stories about their journey to publication. This includes a brief read aloud as well as a Q&A session.

  • Michelle's books – Michelle talks about their books, why they wrote them, some of the changes the books went through when being written, an the importance of the representation within them. This includes a brief read aloud as well as a Q&A session.


*Please note that Michelle can also merge topics together as desired.*

A digital art piece showing two girls back to back. One has long red hair and is wearing a blue tshirt. THe other has short blonde hair and is wearing a green hoody. In front of them is a cardboard box full of gears and pieces of metal.

 STEM Workshops 

  • Robotics Fun! - In this workshop Michelle speaks briefly about their book, The Trouble with Robots, and the robotics seen within it. Participants then do a hands on activity to make a "bristlebot"; a small robot made using a toothbrush, battery, and motor. Participants modify and decorate their bristlebots, testing out methods to let it move smoothly across a table. By the end of the workshop, participants will learn about closing a circuit, friction, basic robotics terms, and more. 


  • Land On The Moon! - In this workshop, Michelle speaks briefly about their book The Problem With Gravity and how Maggie, one of the main characters, adores space exploration. Participants then take part in a challenge to design a "lander", using recycled materials to try and create a way to slow down a paper cup with 3D printed mini astronauts inside. Participants test their designs and adjust them, all while trying to make it so that their lander stops safely after a drop from a large height. By the end of the workshop, participants will learn about the design challenge, space exploration, and more.

Costs and Scheduling: 

  • Honorarium per day -

    • $250 per day, up to 3 presentations in a day + travel costs for non-local events.

    • For pre-recorded visits - $50 per recorded visit (this fee covers the initial recording as well as the follow up to answer further student questions).​​

    • For workshops, the honorarium covers the cost of supplies up to 50 participants.

  • For in-person visits: Michelle is willing to consider any number of days for a visit, but it will depend on timing. If they are already in an area for a book festival or event, then they'd be happy to visit local schools without the travel cost. Their presentations and workshops are about an hour long, with time for questions at the end and book signing time after the presentation. They can adjust the timing slightly to make them longer or shorter to match the needs of your organization.

  • Pre-recorded visits: Michelle offers pre-recorded visits for presentations only (not for workshops), where students send in their questions early and Michelle records themself answering them while also chatting about one of the topics listed above. After watching the video, teachers can then email me follow up questions from their students, and Michelle will send back a second recorded response. 

 Interested in booking a visit? Reach out to Michelle through their contact form or email their agent at: 

Author Michelle Mohrweis siting at a table and speaking into a microphone. A sign for their book is on the table in front of them
Michelle Mohrweis presenting to a group of readers at a bookstore.
Michelle Mohrweis signing books at a bookstore. There's a sign beside them to advertise their signing, and a stack of their book beside them.

Upcoming Events

Kids STEM Workshop @ Bookwork of Edwards in Edwards, Colorado - Saturday, February 24, 2024 @ 4:00pm

 Tickets & details here! 

Tucson Festival of Books

The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ

March 9th

 Find details here! 

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